CEO PLAYSTATION confirmed the largest features of ps5 still has not been spended

The CEO revealed his future vision at CES 2020, including the Sony Vison-S car, high-end 8K TV and, of course, the PS5. We all expect Sony to reveal new details about the PlayStation 5 event at this press conference, but the Japanese company wants to keep everything a secret.

Here, Sony summarizes all the confirmed PS5 features, the PS5 logo or shares the PS4 sales statistics with everyone as well as the details that every gamer wants to know. In an interview after the event, PlayStation CEO Ji Ryan revealed that the biggest features of PS5 have not even been announced.

Ryan spoke to the audience at CES 2020. He listed the main features of PS5 that Sony has revealed over the past few months, and most of them are huge upgrades to this console. . One of them is hardware-based ray tracing, which implies that PS5 will have huge upgrades in both CPU and GPU. They also confirmed AMD will be a chip supplier for both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The PlayStation CEO confirmed the biggest features of PS5 have not been disclosed

Another upgrade is "SSDs are extremely fast". Sony has previously demonstrated the PS5 with an impressive SSD performance. In addition, Sony will also add a new tactile feedback system on the DualShock 5 controllers.

However, Ryan further revealed to BGR that "there will be more to the PS5 than these", including unique features that make the machine different from traditional consoles. These big features have never been revealed, but Sony will likely announce them soon. Of course, the PS4 is also classified as a traditional console, so the PlayStation 5 is worth looking forward to.

Previously, this console was rumored to have a feature that Xbox Series X does not have. It can be an integrated virtual assistant, focused on gaming and works on both the PS5 and the phone. This assistant will help players interact with the content in the game and provide information about the status of some events in their favorite game. Although this PlayStation Assistant has been rumored quite a lot, Sony still has not acknowledged its existence.

Sony is expected to announce the console at a PlayStation event in mid-February. However, the Japanese company has yet to send an invitation to the press.