FBS offers Quick Deposit up to 2,000 EUR

FBS welcomes a new central option for fast deposits. Feedback from FBS customers said that this feature is very expected and is expected to receive good feedback from the audience.

The main advantage is that it saves customers the time spent on the whole initial verification process and allows them to use the hours gained for real transactions. Therefore, people can enter the market quickly when they feel that the conditions are favorable.

Merchants can now deposit up to 2,000 EUR in their FBS accounts and use this money to enter the financial market immediately. To do so, they must have:

• Retail catalog

• Completed financial verification for Neteller, Skrill or bank transfer. *

After they start using the option, FBS customers have 15 days to complete verification. During this time, they must upload the necessary documents for Proof of ID and Proof of Residence.

Therefore, market entry is speeding up and flowing more smoothly. During the 15-day trial period, customers will have a chance to see how FBS works: check all the services, try out trading tools provided by the company and more, rush into trading immediately. ie by skipping time-consuming procedures. Besides, the don doners must hurry to collect all the documents. Two weeks is more than enough to send the remaining evidence to FBS to keep money and identity safe.

The introduction of fast deposits holds a perfect balance among customers, a desire to simplify real financial market entry and safety regulations.

FBS is a promising international broker serving customers in Asia, Latin America, Europe and MENA. Its main focus is on providing financial products for currencies, metals and trading indices to clients with different goals and platforms. The company has a low barrier to top entry and ranking applications. Over 11 years in this field, the broker has won 50 international awards, including Best International Forex Broker, Best Forex Brand and Europe's most advanced Forex Broker.