FXCubic announces new partnership with multi-award broker Libertex

FinTech, FXCubic, on Thursday announced a partnership with Libertex, a multi-award-winning broker operating since 1997 and serving customers from more than 120 countries.

FXCubic will provide Libertex with its proprietary pricing and liquidity management system, which has shown its high volatility and responsiveness during recent high volatility. This new partnership with Libertex is the latest in a series of unique collaborations with high-end companies recently launched by FXCubic.

Based in London and Cyprus, FXCubic is an innovative FinTech company specializing in low latency software, high performance liquidity management systems, connectivity tools and automation technology.

The company provides bridging, price aggregation and risk management software for institutional and retail brokers around the world.

FXCubic's experienced team, focused on designing a powerful, unique and flexible technology, characterized by innovation, responsiveness and reliability. The company's mission is to give brokers the competitive edge they need to thrive in the global financial market sector!

Wassim Khateeb, Head of Business Development at FXCubic, commented on We are excited to add Libertex to our constantly expanding partner family. Each partner presents new challenges but also gives us the opportunity to learn and improve ourselves, helping us towards our goal of becoming an internationally recognized leader in the fintech industry!

Their new partner Libertex is a web and mobile trading platform whose mission is to make financial asset trading easy and accessible to everyone.

Today, Libertex serves more than 2.2 million customers from more than 120 countries, providing them with fast, user-friendly and reliable technology platforms, including the industry-famous MetaTrader 4. The Libertex platform offers Gives 24/7 access to over 240 financial instruments, making it a unique fit for modern traders who need fast capital management in a fast moving international market.

Marios Chailis, Marketing Manager of Libertex Group, added: Siding Siding with FXCubic is an additional step to achieve our strategic goal of providing the best and most reliable service to our customers. ours. Their valuable professionalism and expertise will help us increase profitability and efficiency while improving the overall trading experience of our customers. FXCubic is a reliable partner that will assist us in achieving our goals in the next stage of the group development process.

For more information on FXCubic and Libertex, visit their respective websites at https://fxcubic.com & https://libertex.com.