XBOX SERIES X will come without exclusive games

It will take a year or two for Microsoft's new gaming console to have proprietary games from the first party.

That's information confirmed by Xbox game studio director, Matt Booty. Specifically, the title game Halo: Infinite will support both Xbox One and Windows in addition to Xbox Series X. In addition, some games released by Microsoft in the next 1-2 years for Xbox Series X will also support Xbox One.

"We want to make sure gamers who buy Xbox One from now until the popular Xbox Series X will not regret that decision. We are committed to still providing new content for Xbox One," Booty said. .

Halo: Infinite is one of the opening games for the Xbox Series X. Xbox One support may make users hesitate to buy a new generation of consoles, but Booty insists the developer will take advantage of the Xbox's hardware power. Series X to improve the gaming experience, one of which may be ray-tracing, 8K graphics ...

According to Engadget, the simultaneous release of games for Xbox Series X and Xbox One will initially be a springboard for users to upgrade to the new generation. Gamers can wait for a while until the Xbox Series X drops prices to upgrade, while still being able to play new games during that time.